¡Adiós! – Another year’s over

¡Hola a todos!

In true Spanish B style, Blocks B, F and H took on the challenge of the Unit’s Performance Task head-on. This time, our tech-savvy shopping experts were tasked with creating a blog to promote the (fictional!) opening of El Corte Inglés, a Spanish department store, here in Manila. Needless to say, the results spoke volumes as to these young people’s determination, creativity and desire to succeed. Here are all the links to their blogs.

A huge well-done for all the effort that the students put in during this course. As we draw the curtain on yet another successful year of learning at ISM, I’d like to wish all the students a restful, playful and enjoyable summer. Grade 8 and 9 await!

Sr. Polo


Name and Surname Link to blog
Suren Seth http://surenseth22.wix.com/el-corte-ingles 
Grace http://kuhy64.wix.com/elcorteingles
Therese   http://maloneytelcorteingles.weebly.com/
Ye Won Chang  http://changyewon.wix.com/mysite  
Lucas http://klimowskil.wix.com/mysite
Misaki http://elcorteinglesmanila.weebly.com
Joaquin “JC”  http://elcorteinglespormanila.weebly.com 
Dana http://el-corte-ingles.weebly.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html
Jahaan Sachdeva http://elcorteingles-sachdevaja.weebly.com/
Elena Dickinson  http://dickinsone.wix.com/elcorteingles 
Johanna Olafsson  http://olafssonj.wix.com/elcorteingles
Sajid http://siddiqsa.wix.com/spanish-fashion-blog
Savannah http://totallylegitclothingblog.weebly.com/
Mayako http://krugerm9.wix.com/mysite
Pavan http://mohanp5.wix.com/mysite
Dan http://minold.wix.com/elcorteinglesmanila  
Philip Atkinson http://atkinsonp.wix.com/mysite-1
Avery* http://klucka8.wix.com/elcorteinglesmanila
Reva http://kumtar.wix.com/mysite-1
Jaewon http://changj35.wix.com/mycite




Name and Surname Link to blog
Oscar Rodgers http://corteinglesmanila.weebly.com/
Kaan Ozupek http://elcorteingleskaan.weebly.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.htm
Katya Zobel de Ayala http://katyasblog.wix.com/elcorteinglesph
Serena Mohanty http://elcorteinglesserena.weebly.com   
Leela K. Hasan https://hasanlblog.wordpress.com/blog/
Jon Frank Krog Nielsen http://elcorteinglesjon.weebly.com
Amanu Santiago http://amanuelcorteingles.weebly.com  
Izzie Poblador http://pobladori.wix.com/closetdiosa
Annabelle Daniels http://danielsa67.wix.com/elcorteingles
Risliana Khan http://khanri.wix.com/elcorteingles
Asia Benford http://benforda.wix.com/elcorteingles
Sarina Malik http://maliks22.wix.com/elcorteingles




Name and Surname Link to blog
Stan Hettinga http://hettingas.wix.com/elcorteingles
Joshua Gan http://ganwe9.wix.com/unatiendaalavez
Seve Allado  http://allados.wix.com/mysite
Samna Osti http://elcorteingless.weebly.com 
Daniel Hawke http://hawked.wix.com/beastsite
Chloe Vijandre http://vijandreb.wix.com/elcorteingles
Maddy Chow http://chowma.wix.com/corteingles
Gabie Ong http://ongg21.wix.com/elcorteingles
Lee Wiseman http://wisemanl.wix.com/manutd
Rajan Sapkota http://sapkotar.wix.com/mysite
Joel Huber http://huberj9.wix.com/perftask


Last Unit – Shopping!

As the year draws fast and furiously to a close, our brave Spanish B students have spent the last few months first tackling their first short story in Spanish (La guitarra misteriosa), and are now looking at the world of shopping!

La Guitarra Misteriosa gave the students the opportunity to read and analyse a short story in Spanish, and eventually they became writers in their own right by imagining the next chapter in a story full of mystery and intrigue!

Now on the Unit of Shopping, the pupils have been learning about clothes, fashion and will soon venture into the world of online shopping blogs to share their knowledge and experience.

No Fashion discussion would be complete without a proper fashion show! The students took on the challenge in true Bearcat style and performed expert catwalks while presenting (in Spanish!) their creations. Well done Blocks B, F and H!IMG_9522

La comida – Unit 2 – Performance Task: Cooking Challenge!

Food: after weeks of learning about it, reading about it, writing about it and dreaming about it, the time finally came for our Spanish B pupils to turn this unit’s topic into something they could actually sink their teeth into. The Food Challenge 2015 was finally upon us!

Armed with their newly acquired knowledge of vocabulary, syntax and grammar needed to talk about food, as well as with amazingly sophisticated taste buds, our pupils embarked on a mission to present an original Hispanic recipe to their fellow-classmates and guest judges.

The results were incredible, and the dishes presented were of the highest quality. Perhaps even more significantly, every single pupil got up in front of an audience and spoke in a foreign language, which in itself is a great achievement and confidence booster. A big thank you to all the students, guest judges and patient parents for their support of this performance task.

I wish you all a restful break and we’ll meet again in January to tackle Unit 3. Where did 2015 go?

A. Polo

IMG_4721 IMG_4719 IMG_4717 IMG_4716 IMG_4715


La comida – Unit 2 – Let’s design a menu!

After working on the topic of School during the first quarters, our Spanish B pupils moved on to a VERY popular unit: FOOD! Over the past few lessons, our pupils have delved into the wonderfully diverse and colourful world of food in the Spanish-speaking world, and have contributed great ideas and recipes from their own cultural background.

We learned a lot of new vocabulary through the movie Ratatouille and this week we combined that with the tricky grammatical point of word order in Spanish. In order to apply this knowledge, the pupils were tasked with creating their very own menus for their very own restaurants.

The results are worthy of the finest Masterchef accolade both in terms of the language chosen and its accuracy, as well as the creativity demonstrated in blending flavours into original (and delicious!) dishes.

Here are some examples produced by Blocks B, F and H. Click on them for details!

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 15.14.19

Katya, Sarina & Leela

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 15.12.49

Chloe, Tim, Seve & Gaby






Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 15.14.38

Grace, Jae Won, Avery & Savannah  



Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 15.13.35

Misaki, Pavan, Elena & Jahaan

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 15.13.54

Mayako, Dan, Yae Won & Srimayaa

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 15.13.15

Stan, Rajaan, Hee Seo & Daniel

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 15.11.53

Jon, Risliana & Oscar

Copy of Menu

Joshua, Lee, Maddy & Joel


Mi Colegio – End-of-unit Performance Task!

¡Hola a todos!

After 2 months of learning about school life, covering everything from teachers to facilities, it was time to put this new knowledge to fruition and transfer it to the world of media and advertising!

Our extremely tech-savvy students were tasked to form small production teams and brainstorm, script, film and edit a commercial aimed at promoting ISM to prospective families and students from the Spanish speaking world.

Every pupil worked extremely hard and accomplished very fine adverts indeed, demonstrating transferable skills such as team-work, communication and presentation and time-management. Well done everyone!

Here are some examples of the work from B, F and H Blocks.

Mi Colegio – Unidad 1 – Update!


¡Hola a todos!

For the past few weeks, all Spanish B pupils have been learning to talk about their school environment and activities. From teachers and subjects to facilities, we have not only had the opportunity to talk about ISM’s great set-up, but to also explore how pupils in Spanish speaking countries live their school lives.

Besides language, the groups engaged their creative spirits and drew up impressive maps of the school, some of which are now on public display. Congratulations to the chosen designs!

Mapa del Colegio Mapa del Colegio Mapa del Colegio Mapa del Colegio

The culmination of all the Unit’s work will be a filmed advertisement where our pupils will show their media-savviness and language skills to convince pupils and parents of Spanish speaking countries to come to ISM. Watch this space for the result!

Here are the guidelines for preparation and assessment

PERFORMANCE TASK UNIDAD 1- Publicidad para promocionar la escuela


Sr. Polo