Mi Colegio – End-of-unit Performance Task!

¡Hola a todos!

After 2 months of learning about school life, covering everything from teachers to facilities, it was time to put this new knowledge to fruition and transfer it to the world of media and advertising!

Our extremely tech-savvy students were tasked to form small production teams and brainstorm, script, film and edit a commercial aimed at promoting ISM to prospective families and students from the Spanish speaking world.

Every pupil worked extremely hard and accomplished very fine adverts indeed, demonstrating transferable skills such as team-work, communication and presentation and time-management. Well done everyone!

Here are some examples of the work from B, F and H Blocks.

Mi Colegio – Unidad 1 – Update!


¡Hola a todos!

For the past few weeks, all Spanish B pupils have been learning to talk about their school environment and activities. From teachers and subjects to facilities, we have not only had the opportunity to talk about ISM’s great set-up, but to also explore how pupils in Spanish speaking countries live their school lives.

Besides language, the groups engaged their creative spirits and drew up impressive maps of the school, some of which are now on public display. Congratulations to the chosen designs!

Mapa del Colegio Mapa del Colegio Mapa del Colegio Mapa del Colegio

The culmination of all the Unit’s work will be a filmed advertisement where our pupils will show their media-savviness and language skills to convince pupils and parents of Spanish speaking countries to come to ISM. Watch this space for the result!

Here are the guidelines for preparation and assessment

PERFORMANCE TASK UNIDAD 1- Publicidad para promocionar la escuela


Sr. Polo