La comida – Unit 2 – Performance Task: Cooking Challenge!

Food: after weeks of learning about it, reading about it, writing about it and dreaming about it, the time finally came for our Spanish B pupils to turn this unit’s topic into something they could actually sink their teeth into. The Food Challenge 2015 was finally upon us!

Armed with their newly acquired knowledge of vocabulary, syntax and grammar needed to talk about food, as well as with amazingly sophisticated taste buds, our pupils embarked on a mission to present an original Hispanic recipe to their fellow-classmates and guest judges.

The results were incredible, and the dishes presented were of the highest quality. Perhaps even more significantly, every single pupil got up in front of an audience and spoke in a foreign language, which in itself is a great achievement and confidence booster. A big thank you to all the students, guest judges and patient parents for their support of this performance task.

I wish you all a restful break and we’ll meet again in January to tackle Unit 3. Where did 2015 go?

A. Polo

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